Monday, July 2, 2007

Back in the States

Digging a grave in Halfway OR

Taking a trip upto MT Hood over the weekend

Bend OR Down Town

Out in the woods standing atop a piller just thinking about life

Well I’m back in Bend now and so far my time here has been full of many visits with friends and trips to see family and more friends. Seen more people than I thought I knew and have made some amazing memorize already for it just being early summer. Over all I’m doing well being back. However… I am not “okay” with sitting around for much longer. I believe that God is calling me back to other nations of the world and so just as soon as He is clear with the where and when I will be obedient with the going. Over this last week I went back to eastern OR and saw my Family, while staying I helped my father dig a grave, which brought back some old memorize of growing up in halfway and working at the cemetery all my childhood years. Also I had the opportunity to speak to the Pine Eagle Youth Group and a woman bible study and share about my times in Africa and the amazing God that has over taken my life. I know God is doing something in me and getting me ready for a life of crazy adventures and missions and so with that… I’ll keep you updated with them as they come my way. Blessings
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