Monday, August 27, 2007

My Mother and I

Adam and I at MTB

Casey and I at the Fray

Jesse and I out for a evening walk
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(Timberline lodge MT Hood)

Bend OR
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Friends, Family and Foes

Friends, family and foes; I apologize for my lack of updates over the summer; however I now plan on taking a few short moments to inform you all of the recent developments in my life.

The summer has been a busy one of travel, work, ministry, relationships and fun. God has taken the summer to speak some profound and marvelous and, yes even some splendid direction and clarity about my future. I will now inform you of my happenings.

While in Africa God began to speak to me about moving to central and or South America. I was unsure of such things being as it was my heart was quite set on moving to India. God spoke to me a word out of 1Kings that confirmed what God had been speaking about moving South, so writing it down I put it once again before the Lord as a matter of prayer. After arriving back to the states God began using pastors, peers and mentors to speak to me about going to Mexico. I kept my mouth closed until God had confirmed it by the mouth of six people. I told God I would not say anything until He had once aging confirmed it through His written Word that this was His will for me. Two scriptures were giving me the following week, one from Jer 1 and another from Acts 26. After confirmation of the word of the Lord I went once again to my pastors and shared all God had spoken. With the advice and wise council of mentors and pastors I was advised to go through with my foursquare licensing, which would enable me to be sent out under the covering of foursquare with pastoral credentials and connect me with a worldwide network of believers and open doors.

I’ve been living and working/roofing with my brother Brigham, attending Westside Church and ministering on worship teams since being back. Been on many short trips, some ministry, some to see friends and family. Right now I am going through the process of FQ Licensing, working hard daily and ministering consistently. God is moving in my life like never before and I can see lots of change and growth happening continually and regularly. I can truly say that I am happy, healthy, have vision, have direction, know what God is calling me to do and where He is calling me to do it. Jesus has been so faithful in my life and I know that He will continue to be, being that He is a God that does not change.

I thank the God and Lord Jesus Christ of my life for the good the bad and the uncertain in my life and know that what He has promised He is also able to perform.


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