Sunday, September 14, 2008

Well over the last year I have found out a small piece of how different and remarkable life can be. I have truly done my best to follow the will of God as He has sent me around the world. I have seen the poverty of East Africa, the witch craft of Mexico and the complacence of America. However through it all I have seen the hand of our God touching lives, His love changing hearts and His plan of redemption staying strong. This is our God. My life has as I’m sure many of your have over the last (now nine months) taken on some new developments. I have changed from the Real Estate Company I was working for and I am now working full time with another company. I am beginning to do well and I’m starting to get a bit more established here. I have to say; I really don’t see myself leaving Mexico anytime soon. I thank God for allowing me to be here and I’ll stay as long as He lets me. To all my friends and family out there, I truly love and miss you dearly and can’t wait to see you all maybe next year??? Until next time. May the grace of the Lord be with you all.

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